Colet Lagrille, Melanie

Colet Lagrille, Melanie

  • Grado máximo: Ph.D. Chemical Engineering Research, Imperial College London
  • Jerarquía: Profesor Instructor
  • Área de investigación: Hidrometalurgia, Electrometalurgia, Celdas combustibles
  • Email:


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  2. M. Colet Lagrille, U. Doraswami, G.H. Kelsall, “Carbon oxidation in fuel cells and H2 production”, ECS Transactions 41(12) 137-148, 2012. [/item]
  3. M. Colet Lagrille, G.H. Kelsall, “Thermodynamics and kinetics of solid oxide fuel cells with molten tin anodes”, ECS Transactions 53(30) 145-158, 2013. [/item]


  1. 2013 – 2014: Proyecto MIT-Chile Seed Fund “A New Fundamental Insight on Noble Metal Electrodeposition”